(Version française plus bas)

Bolivians are very vocal. They express their discontentment with the government and do not hesitate to be on strike and block the roads. This shows through their graffiti, through which they also express their love for their sweetheart…

Note: The “Evo” mentioned in some graffitis refers to Evo Morales, the president of Bolivia

Evo doesn't understand what it is to be a father, thus he can't understand what it is to be a mother

No to illegality and to searching for it. No to the Constitution.

Love is a constant battle and I think I'll win.

Such a shame Santa Clause cannot offer conscience...

We, countrywomen and women of the Chaco region, are strong. We are sisters.

Love has no excuses

Eve won't come out of Evo's rib



Les Boliviens aiment se faire entendre. Ils n’hésitent pas à exprimer leur mécontentement vis-à-vis du gouvernement en se mettant en grève et en bloquant les routes. Cela se traduit par les nombreux graffitis, via lesquels ils se déclarent aussi souvent à leur douce…

NB: Le dénommé Evo mentionné dans plusieurs graffitis fait référence au président bolivien Evo Morales


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