Potosi, a slice of life.
Potosi, tranche de vie.

Which sunglasses am I going to buy?...

Children playing with a homemade plastic football

Construction workers

Freshly squeezed orange juice seller


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One response to “IN POTOSI

  1. Michael Suever

    wish I´d been able to spend more time in Potosi. The Pantinal visit was a bit underwhelming but Nicoli and Yan kept me in good spirits. I´m trying to connect up with Yan in Iguazu after I slipped into Paraguay for a few days. This afternoon I visited the local missions and will cross into Argentina in the morning to visit one additional mission before heading to first the Argentine and then Brazilian sides of the falls. I will likely catch an overnight bus on Friday to Floranapolis. Let me know what you schedule is in the area and perhaps we can get together again for a few drinks and laughs …. best always, Michael

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