(Version française plus bas)

Walking in the museum of contemporary art of La Paz, there are paintings by internationally renowned artists as well as young Bolivian ones among who Vidal Cussi…

Note: English names of the artwork presented below only result from my own attempts to translate the original titles in Spanish.

Respiros- Breath- by Luis Alberto Quispe

Detail of La Ultima Mirada- The last look- by Hans Hoffman

Aymara by Hans Hoffman

El Camino mas Largo- The longest path- by Vidal Cussi

Panes- Bread- Anonymous

Recuerdos-Memories- by Wilmer Viscaymata

Luces de un Olvido II- Lights of obscurity- by Luis Alberto Quispe

Minero crucificado -Crucified miner- by Hans Hoffman

... let's name it Spatial Corn...

Espacio/Tiempo- Time/Space- by Giomar Mesa


Dans le musée d’art contemporain de La Paz, des toiles d’artistes mondialement connus et de jeunes peintres boliviens tels Vidal Cussi…

NB: Les titres anglais des oeuvres ne résultent que de mes propres tentatives de traduction des titres originaux en Espagnol.



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2 responses to “CONTEMPORARY ART

  1. Nico

    Like in a lot of your articles you have very nice pictures

  2. kat

    man. those are awesome. i’m jealous that you get to see all of this in person

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