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Fatima zoocriadero, near Puyo, is a rescue center for animals native of the rainforest that were held in captivity. Caymans, ardilla monkeys, guacamayo, tapir, wild sajino pigs, cuchuchos, birds… Some of them used to be pets, others come from animal trafficking.

They stayed away from their natural environment too long and would probably not survive if they were put back in the rainforest. So, Fatima gives them food and shelter while tourists can pay them a visit. I volunteered there for a week guiding tourists and giving a hand feeding the animals. It was awesome.

A tapir, the biggest mammal of the Amazon

A baby cuchucho

Baby cuchuchos napping on my laps: they need a mother

A guacamayo eating a slice of apple

Ardilla monkey


Le zoocriadero de Fatima, près de Puyo, est un refuge pour animaux maltraités issus de la forêt amazonienne. Caimans, singes ardillas, guacamayo, tapir, cochons sajinos sauvages, cuchuchos, oiseaux… Certains furent tenus en captivité comme animaux domestiques, d’autres sont rescapés du trafic d’animaux.

Restés en dehors de leur environnement naturel trop longtemps, ils ne survivraient sans doute pas à une réinsertion dans la forêt. Alors Fatima leur procure nourriture et hébergement tandis que les touristes peuvent venir leur rendre une petite visite. J’y ai été bénévole pendant une semaine, faisant visiter le centre et donnant un coup de main pour nourrir les animaux. C’était super!



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  1. vero

    beautiful pictures !

  2. clairemarie

    super ce petit animal, trop mignon.

  3. nguyet le

    I love the animal on your shouder 🙂

  4. Hi Nguyet, it’s a baby cuchucho!

  5. kat

    the one sleeping in your lap is ridiculously cute. it looks like it’s hugging you…also, kick butt shirt

  6. Tania Hess

    Hi Lauren, I grew up in Puyo and have visited Fatima many times when visiting family there. It was a pleasure to see this when I was searching for a picture of cuchucho to settle a name “dispute” with someone that had seen my picture and here I come across the same animal I had photographed. What are the ods of that? So neat!
    I wanted to congratulate you for doing something that requiered thinking out of the box and also wanted to ask you how did you get to volunteer?
    I really would like to do that next year when I visit.

  7. jhoan rivera y sus alumnos

    hola profe espero que se acuerde de mi , sus alumnos de frances le extrañamos y esperamos que vuelva .
    bueno en fin ,, espero que este pasandola muy bien y que le vaya muy bien en su nuevo trabajo .
    bueno me despido y siesque tiene hotmail estoy como….


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