(Version française plus bas)

In Peru, litter is all around you. The main road from Tumbes to Trujillo is scattered with trash: plastic bags, Coca Cola bottles, diapers, paper wraps… It really is everywhere: along the roads, in the fields, in trees, in rivers, in the desert…

Every time I am outside of a relatively big city, I am shocked. I can’t imagine how much energy and time it would take to clean this up. It seems unfeasible. It’s really sad.

Coca cola bottle along the road in the middle of nowhere

At a crossroad outside of Chiclayo

Trash in the desert near Trujillo

Tree and litter

A garbage bin in Lambayaque!

Plastic bag in a tree, a common sight in Peru

Toilet paper roll in a river

Along the road near Lambayeque

Garbage beach, Mancora


Au Pérou, l’ordure est partout. Les déchets parsèment les abords de la route principale de Tumbes à Trujillo: sacs en plastique, bouteilles de Coca Cola, couches, papiers d’emballage… C’est partout: le long des routes, dans les champs, les arbres, les rivières, le désert…

Chaque fois que je suis en dehors des grandes villes, c’est le choc. Impossible d’imaginer l’énergie et le temps qu’il faudrait pour le grand nettoyage. Cela semble simplement infaisable. C’est triste.


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