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Climbing Mount Puñay with a donkey. The top of the mountain is an Inca pyramid named Huacacñay, from where the Incas used to study the sun, sky and stars. It is now covered with grass. They say from above, the pyramid is shaped like a guacamayo, one of those big, long-tailed, colorful parrots. Located near the town of Alausi, Mount Puñay is in Cañari land.

Carnero in Puñay

Loading a donkey

A slope of Mount Puñay

In the clouds

My guide to Puñay

A white flowers

Sun in the clouds


Escalader le Mont Puñay accompagnée d’un âne. Le sommet de la montagne est une pyramide inca dénommée Huacacñay, d’où on observait le soleil, le ciel et les étoiles. Elle est désormais recouverte d’herbes folles. On dit que vue d’avion, elle ressemble à un profil de guacamayo, ce gros perroquet multicolore à longue queue. Située près d’Alausi, Mont Puñay est en terre cañari.



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2 responses to “CLIMBING A MOUNTAIN

  1. Cécile

    Toujours de superbes photos, c’est magnifique !

  2. Hi Laurene.. the pyramid is pre incan, and it was made bu the Narrio – Cañari people 4500 years ago, before the Incas were trying to get the act together…

    have a great trip
    greets from Ecuador

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