Quelques unes des nombreuses statues qui parsèment la ville de Quito

The Virgin of El Panecillo

El Panecillo

Unkown woman with glasses

Virgin mother in Bellavista



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4 responses to “A FEW STATUES IN QUITO

  1. Michael

    Great pics! 3 days until I leave for Ecuador. I will only be in Quito for 2.5 days. The rest with the Kallari people near Tena. Safe travels, merci beaucoup for blogging.

  2. Danielle

    It’s so beautiful the way The Virgin of El Panecillo looks over the village!

  3. Michael,
    I hope you are loving your stay in Ecuador. Let me know if you have a blog, I would love to read about your experience with the Kallari!

  4. Michael

    Successful medical mission to the Kallari communities with Flying Doctors of America http://www.fdoamerica.org The Kallari communities are organic cocoa producers, specifically selling dark chocolates (Whole Foods in the States are a major buyer). http://www.kallari.com The Amazon/Ecuador trip was my 3rd experience with an NGO in 3rd world countries. You definitely get to have a more in depth experience than being a tourist. The first night in the Amazon after seeing patients, the locals invited only me for a drink. A German interpreter told me after that he has lived in Ecuador for 2 yrs and never once been invited for a drink. Arriba, abajo, el centro, el dentro!!
    Unfortunately, I do not blog. Next yr, I am re-locating to Milano/Parma, Italy. Maybe, I will start. Safe travels. Enchante.

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