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Oswaldo Guayasamín’s paintings are very powerful. There’s nothing as personal as one’s interpretation of a painting and yet, anyone could guess which emotions he portrays in his work. Suffering, sadness, plea, cruelty, imprisonment, death…

The indigenous Quiteño painter who died in 1999 must have had a great sense of humor too, for his bloody portrait of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet calls him ‘pillo-shit’ and ‘pinocho-tête’ (Pinochio’s head). I wish I had met the artist!

Plea... (Supplication...)

My art is a prayer, a cry... and the most elevated result of love and solitude

The dome of La Capilla del Hombre

Africano, Esmeraldeño, Esclavo? Suffering...

I cried because I did not have shoes until I saw a child who had no feet

A child. Sadness? Death?

Cruelty and humor


Les toiles d’Oswaldo Guayasamín sont intenses. Rien n’est plus personnel que l’interprétation d’une peinture et pourtant, n’importe qui pourrait identifier les émotions qu’il tente de capturer dans son oeuvre. Souffrance, tristesse, supplication, cruauté, enfermement, mort…

Le peintre indigène quiteño mort en 1999 devait aussi avoir un sacré sens de l’humour. Dans son portrait sanglant du dictateur chilien Augusto Pinochet, ne le qualifie-t-il pas de ‘pillo-shit’ et de ‘Pinochio-tête’?! J’aurais bien aimé rencontrer l’artiste.


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  1. Katlynn

    wow. these are amazing.

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